Navy job Clearance

Hello! I am in the process of trying to join the Navy. My ideal job is that of a linguist and my test scores are all good for it. I am concerned about getting the clearance required for it, though.

My parents are foreign born naturalized US citizens. They still have foreign passports that I assume are not expired. I don’t have anything of the sort and I don’t think I have citizenship just through birth, but I was told that them simply still being dual citizens would disqualify me? Is that true? Does it matter if it’s not, since whether or not I can even start to get it is up to someone at MEPS? Thank you for your time!

You have a ways to go before even undergoing the process for SCI, however, having dual citizen parents is not a disqualifier as adjudicators factor in the country involved, why they maintain it, and how susceptible they are to influence and in turn, their ability to influence you. Some with SCI access are themselves dual citizens.

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Thank you! It didn’t seem right to me after a bit minutes of searching, but I figured I’d ask anyway. It smelled suspiciously of a need to fill a recruiter quota to me. There’s no point in giving up before I’ve even tried!

Press onward, disclose all pertinent info, to include your personal foreign ties. If you are an American citizen you are eligible. If you are naturalized, you are eligible. Certain country origins or marriages can make a person SCI not eligible. But those would be high risk countries and relationships. Even that rule has exceptions.