Dual citizen Spouse

I am a dual citizen, born in the US, my mom was born in the UK so I also have UK citizenship through her although I’ve never lived there. I have an active clearance and so does my husband. We both have SCI and my dual citizen status has never caused any issues until now.
My husband is moving over to industry and his new FSO is insisting that I complete a Foreign Born Spouse Statement of Personal History. This seems obviously incorrect, but I can’t find any official guidance on reporting requirements for a dual citizen spouse aside from a general ‘the citizenship must be reported’
She is also insisting that I am a Foreign National, which again, seems obviously incorrect.
I’m willing to fill out the form if it’s truly a requirement, but I’m starting to wonder if this is going to cause further issues if I’m classified incorrectly as a foreign national in his application and/or it makes it onto his records

The foreign-born stuff seem incorrect, but dual citizens are still considered foreign nationals for DCSA investigations, so that part is accurate.


Different programs for different parts of the government are going to require different things. The most important question is why are you pronouncing pursuing and/or maintaining dual citizenship? You only have one spouse to claim your allegiance to so why do you have 2 citizenships to proclaim allegiance to? and which one do you have “top” allegiance to? If you don’t solely proclaim yourself wholly allegiant to one country than that can cause issues, but they can be mitigated.

Lots of Security folks have no idea what they are doing. LOTS of cleared ppl have EU and USA citizenship.