Dual Citizenship Spouse SF86 Question

There is a strange question on the sf86 form. The part where it asks you about relationships with foreign Nationals. The question explicitly defines a foreign national as anyone who is not a US citizen. My wife is a US citizen but holds dual citizenship with Russia.

My question is is does she need to be reported on there as a foreign national?

Normally I would say no under their definition of what a foreign national is. Last time I renewed my clearance the investigator gave me a hard time that it didn’t report my 17-year-old son as being a foreign national contact only because he was born in a US military hospital in Germany. His mother was a German citizen so he obtained dual citizenship at birth.

You don’t need to list her under the foreign contact section, but when you list her as a spouse it will ask for her citizenship status and you will list it there.


Makes sense. Thanks.