Dual Citizenship in-laws


My daughter-in-law is a dual citizen (US and another country). Her parents and siblings are also dual citizens (US and another country).

As I understand the SF-86 instructions, there is:

A) No reporting of daughter-in-law (and her family). Only mother-in-law and father-in-law are reported.
B) Neither the daughter-in-law (or her family) are considered Foreign Nationals due to their dual citizenship (and thus would not be reported in that section).

I don’t want to miss disclosing anything that needs to be disclosed, but as near as I can tell, the daughter-in-law and family are not reported.

Any confirmation or comments on this topic will be greatly appreciated!

I would think that you need to list your daughter-in-law. You have, I assume, a “close and continuing relationship” with her and are “bound by affection”. As for her parents, it depends on your relationship. Despite the fact that they are U.S. citizens, they remain foreign citizens as well. This shouldn’t hurt your chances but failure to disclose can make it look like it you were hiding the information.

I self-reported that my son was dating a foreign national when I found out that his girlfriend, now fiance, was a Polish citizen. She has since been naturalized.

Others may tell you otherwise.

Dual nationality is a foreign national. List all.

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Thank you for the great comments!

FWIW, my employer’s security reps told me not to list them in Section 19 but to add an entry about them in the comments section. The in-laws in question do not live near me (different state).

Question: with all other SF-86 information clean without issues, would you see this one item as a potential block to receiving an Interim TS?

Your employer’s security reps are wrong. Now you are going to have foreign contacts listed in the comments section on your SF-86 without listing the actual required information by the form. that is why you list foreign contacts in the foreign contacts section.

As far the interim clearance, it could go either way. Interims are hard to get, as they should be.

They are still considered a Foreign influence and you should disclose what you know under foreign contacts. Leave it to the experts to decide. The most important thing for you is full disclosure and rather you could be blackmailed, coerced or pressured because of your relationship to them.