How to report a Canadian daughter-in-law

Hello everyone. First time SF86/eQIP filer with what I believe is a simple question, but one in which I simply cannot find a solid answer.

My son is married to a Canadian national. Both of them have worked overseas in Germany for the past four years where they rented an apartment together. With things getting bad in Europe, they decided to return to the US, and they are currently living with my wife and I while they search for a new residence and employment. While they resided in Germany, my spouse and I would email them on occasion and we would talk to them via Zoom, so there was absolutely some contact. I want to and intend to be fully transparent.

So, here’s my question: how do I properly list my daughter-in-law who is the Canadian national? She’s family, but daughter-in-law isn’t an option for the daily section.

I’m thinking I need to list her as a foreign contact, check off all modes and frequencies of contact, list my address as her temporary residence, and then use the comments field to list her previous address in Germany and to explain that she and my son are living in my house temporarily while searching for a new place to live.

I would do similar in the comments field for my son, too, so that the BI can better see the connection between my son and his wife, especially since his wife (the Canadian) chose to not take his last name.

My submission will be for a DOE L.

No other issues nor concerns (no drugs, no MH, clean employment history, stellar financials, etc.). Nothing else… boring, actually.

Thanks in advance!

List her as a foreign contact. No need to clog up the additional comments section with extra info.


Thank you, much appreciated.

Should I list her (and my son’s) future permanent address, or should I simply list my residence as their temporary address? Essentially, they’re just visiting for 4-6 weeks.

Current address. You may also need to respond yes to supporting a foreign national as well if they reside with you. Just read the question and see of that applies to you as well. Best of luck!