SF 86 foreign Contact

I just got a CJO from Ft Mead, i am running scared about my foreign contact. I have a girl i am talking to in Africa and have intent of marrying her. I filed for a Fiancee visa for her on 1 October 2019. December i was contacted for an interview for the Job January i had the interview February i got the Conditional Job offer.

USCIS has not approved the petition, but in the SF86 a question came up if i have filed for someone to come to the USA with date, time and location of where they lived or stayed during the visit… i don’t know what to answer because the petition has not been adjudicated and she has never visited USA. I still keep in contact with my parents. I have traveled to Nigeria, Algeria and Canada
Also, I still have my other passport because i am a naturalized citizen. even though i tried to denounce them. I was married to a us citizen and we still talk.
i don’t have any criminal background … No ticket …NEVER smoked or Drink…

I need to know if this will pose a serious threat to me.

And way forward…

The best thing to do is be truthful about your travel, foreign fiancé, and foreign passport. Lying is a sure way to get disqualified.

If you filed for a visa for her then you are her sponsor correct? You have filed to bring her into the U.S. correct? You likely will use your address as the place she intends to stay correct? List the date you filed, list everything concerning fiance with the current status of the application in additional comments. List your travel, your passports, dual citizenship, your connections in other countries. List all of it. Why wouldn’t you?

Yes, list everything as @IntjM has said.

Then bring it up with your investigator to clarify and explain the situation. That’s all you can do, really. Just be honest.

Also, if you have the option to leave the address blank, do that. If the form won’t let you, go ahead and list the address that you anticipate she will be staying at ice she comes to the states. Again, make sure to clarify with your investigator. It will be marked as a mistake in the form but unfortunately unless it can be left blank, you don’t have much of a choice. And don’t worry about it being marked as a mistake. That will not be an issue as long as you can explain that you had to enter it to continue the form. We see it all the time.

I would be as honest as possible in this situation. What you do not want to have happen is for the investigator to say that you were reluctant to give up the information. You want to be open up front and honest. Give as much history on the relationship as possible as to show them that it will not be an issue. When you start omitting information it becomes a problem.

I am not planning to give a false statement, also i do not want to say yes to a question that i am not sure about. I listed my citizenship, passports. I live with my younger brother who is not a US national
Am i expected to list all travels with precise dates? because between 2017 and 2020 i have traveled to Canada severally. I have even lost count.

Will all these cumulate to delay my background investigation approval or not getting it at all?

I realize that you don’t intend to be anything less than truthful.

Just answer the questions. They aren’t tricks. If you have to put in a date for something that hasn’t happened put a future date, for example 12/31/2020, and explain in the notes that the date and address are, at this point, uncertain. Yes, the investigator is going to have questions but that’s what the interview is for.

On of the questions that you should expect to get: What are you going to do if your fiance is not allowed into the country?

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Thank You.
My brother is not a US citizen and i lives in the same house with me…

should i list him as a foreign contact, even though i have listed him previously as my sibling and supplied information about him such as his home address (the same as mine) and his status here.

Secondly, there are people here in the USA that i occasionally meet, they are Africans. I don’t know there status here in the USA… Am i suppose to list them even though i don’t know their status?

Yes you have to list the trips individually. Sit down with a paper and pencil and try to work it out. Look through your email for flight confirmations if you flew. Look at Facebook/Instagram/whatever if you posted pictures from the trips. Consider the dates of other activities in your life such as work or school. (Aka “I know I didn’t go during September of 2016 because I was still in school full time…) Call the people you went on the trip with to see if they can help remember.

Do everything you can to make sure you can figure out the dates. If you don’t, you’ll just end up having to do it during your interview with the investigator.

As someone else mentioned- look at your passport if that helps. That can be the biggest help, although I know that driving across the border they don’t usually stamp the passport, so that may be a hinderance.

You don’t need to list your brother twice on the eQip. The form will capture the required information the in the family history.

If they are foreign nationals who you have “occasional” contact with - list them. If they are of African descent, but you don’t know their citizenship - this is your call.

Question 13a. I have limited references to verify my employment activities, can i use one person for the 2 different employment activities. They have been a long time friend and knew all when i worked in these places.

Employment verifiers require a supervisory person. If you can’t recall a supervisor/manager, then you need to list a coworker. Listing someone who never worked at the employment is not normally sufficient (self-employment being an exception).