Naturalized Relatives

I’ve looked in the archives and didn’t see anything on this - are naturalized relatives supposed to be listed as foreign contacts? I have Filipina aunts who have been naturalized U.S. citizens for probably 15-20 years now. I see them for major holidays when the family comes together, but not much outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are also Facebook friends, but we only talk when I see them in person at the aforementioned holidays.

Since they are naturalized, I did not put them on my SF-86 that I submitted this year (still waiting for a secret). I remembered recently that when I had a clearance for an internship in 2015, my investigator during my interview told me that I was supposed to list them in the foreign contacts section (I still got the clearance). I thought that was odd, because they’ve been naturalized, so they are now U.S. citizens.

But was the investigator correct? I have yet to have my interview for my current process, so if the general consensus is that I should have listed them, I will definitely bring it up.

Naturalized citizen is same as US citizen by law. The trouble may be if they hold dual citizenship and in which case he would be right.

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I thought in order to be naturalized you have to renounce any other citizenship?

Us born persons can be dual citizens though

That’s what I thought as well. In any case, I have no relatives with dual citizenship, and I let the investigator know that, but he still said they should be included, and was pretty adamant about it.

No. You do not have to renounce your other citizenship to become a US citizen. Clearance requirements are different. There are no requirements.