Permanent Resident Relatives

Hello. On the SF86 form section 18.3 it requires that I list my relatives and their current citizenship status. In this case, both my father and brother are only still permanent residents in the U.S. In this situation, would I leave the section blank or would I list their status as permanent residents in the “Other” box. Much help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Def list and give document numbers if possible

Would I list them under the “Other” section?

I think the question is asking if they are “Permanent Residents” or another status. You used the Permanent Resident term so no, I would not check “other”.

The Other section is used only if the relatives you are listing do not fall under “Born Abroad to U.S. Parents,” “Naturalized,” or “Derived” citizens.

You cannot leave 18.3 blank if you have any of the relatives listed in bold. If you do, provide all information the form requests for each relative.

The question is focused on citizenship, not residency.

They are citizens of a different country with permission to live in the US via residency card.

List then as foreign citizens of whatever country they are from. Then add the residency card info.

Once they fully naturalize as a US citizen you can list them as citizenship derived by naturalization.

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