Section 18 SF-86 number of relatives

The SF-86 form I have has 6 entries for relatives, but I have 7 relevant entries to make. Maybe obvious, but is it OK to copy the page and add the additional subject?

You are filling out a paper SF86?

Didnt realize those were still around.

The last paper copy I saw of any of the questionnaires was from 2010.

It is the digital, electronic age, people! Get with the program or get out of the way.

Yes, this is the form i need to submit for a coast guard aux role that requires this clearance. Of course, i would prefer to use a web form, but a paper form is still required.
In any case. I see no way to list all relatives but printing out additional copies of sec 18 pages. I thought this forum would provide some confirmation:)

Thank you, that is good advice :wink:

you can add the additional relatives on a separate paper sheet. Ensure you mark the Section and “Continuation” on the top.

Thanks! I will put that at the top or the additional sheet. Since this will be the 7th entry, I’ve already added “Entry 7”