SF-86 Relatives-Section 18

I have a question about a sensitive situation for my sf-86 relatives section 18. I have worked as a DOD contractor for the last 7 years and a new contractor is taking over and I’m being asked to do a new sf-86. My first time doing this 7 years ago was an sf-85. I’m disclosing all information and putting explanations where needed throughout the form as I have no blemishes or indiscretions in my past or present.

My question is do they contact the relatives you list in section 18. I recently eloped in a private ceremony and in this sf-86 I’ve listed my spouse however, my in laws do not know that their child has recently married and would rather them not be notified in this manner if they are contacted. My spouse and I have not discussed our new marriage with very many people as we are private people and want to share this with the people of our choosing. My in-laws would in no way be understanding or approve so we have not shared this information with them yet. I am listing all of their information in the section as I want to disclose all information possible, but need to know if relatives listed will be contacted? If they were to be contacted and this new marriage disclosed to them in this manner based on a background check for me could have devastating consequences for my spouse and her parents relationship. I’m just concerned and looking for some answers as I do not know how the Section 18 information is used. Thanks for any insight or info you could provide.


Relatives are not contacted for any investigation unless you are using one of them in a residence or employment section as the verifier of a person that knew you there (e,g., unemployment). A word of warning to you; this information is exactly the type that adversaries could be used to influence or blackmail you with because of your attempts to hide it. I suggest you find a way to resolve the issue with the in-laws. An old adage applies here; bad news does not get better with age.

Thank you for your response. It’s more of an issue of timing. And something I didn’t want disclosed by a stranger more than anything if they were to contact them. I was just unsure of what exactly the investigation used the list of relatives for if they didn’t contact them. Thanks again.