Should I list my parents under foreign contact?

I am a naturalized Chinese U.S citizen. My parents are both from China, currently green card holders, and have been living in the U.S for over 10 years, traveled back to China about once or twice in 10 years. Currently I am filling out form sf86. Do I list my parents under foreign contacts? I have heard mixed answers on the internet. I have a friend who was in the same situation as me, and he didn’t list his parents under foreign contacts, and he got the clearance. I am applying for secret clearance BTW, if that makes any difference.

And Someone told me that I don’t need to list my parents under foreign contacts since I already listed them under the relative section. Because SF86 specify that for foreign contacts you only list “associates and relatives not previously listed in section 18(relatives)”. Is that true?

They only need to be listed once under the family section.

They only need to be listed under family members. Reporting their citizenship correctly on the form will prompt you to answer the “green card” questions and the required information for contact.

Please be thorough. I often have Subject’s in your scenario list they don’t know the parents’ birthdates, birthplaces, residences, and/or employments. This just slows down your investigation needlessly.