TS clearance reinvestigation and undocumented in laws

Im working at State Department as FSO with TS clearance. Currently going through 5 year reinvestigation. I am currently staying at my wife’s parents’ house. Wife is US citizen, father in law is US citizen, mother in law is green card holder. However, the Mother in law’s cousin is also living in the same house and she is undocumented alien from Guatemala. I am being asked to list all non citizens in my clearance form. How will this affect both my clearance and also the undocumented in law relative?

I don’t recall seeing a place on the forms to list cousins of in-laws :slight_smile:

Of course it is a possible concern but is this even something that needs to be listed? Let’s see what the investigators who read these forums have to say.

They are living with a foreigner that would be considered close and continuous contact.