Undocumented in-law, current TS, reinvestigation, and advancement

I searched around but didn’t find anything fitting my exact situation. I attained an SSBI TS before getting married. I’ve been married now for 5 years and I’m looking at advancing which means going to another agency. I’m also near reinvestigation, so either way I’ll be filling out another SF86 again. What I, nor my wife knew until during the last election season was that my mother in law is an illegal alien. I know this needs to be disclosed in the SF86 and I fully intend to do so, and I have because of the nature of this and my job distanced myself from my in law. But does this make seeking advancement harder for me in terms of going through another BI? More importantly do I stand to lose my clearance and therefore my job during reinvestigation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have an interview lined up and would have to do another SF86 if selected.

Once you know for a fact she is not legal…I would disclose it. No matter how long she has been here, she remains a foreign national. You cannot be a part of concealing that information. I certainly understand the potential implications to your marriage. I would have her apply for citizenship status right away. This way you can disclose she is a foreign contact
in the process of applying. However, there isn’t a question as to do you know of anyone not legal…you may think you know a person’s status, but that burden is primarily on them. Real, known, continuing is the standard. Mother in law would likely be continuing contact. Her status may be confused or misunderstood but remains her burden. Because my position requires a full scope Poly I guarantee it would be on my conscious. It WOULD show on my Poly I had a concern. So reporting it at each level, on the SF 86, to the investigator, and to the poly branch so you consistently are on record reporting and living up to your responsibilities is apparent.

I definitely plan to disclose it. There aren’t many implications to be honest, my wife while for obvious reasons stays in touch, has taken a “I can’t help people that won’t help themselves” approach. She has been encouraged to become legal, yet she’s too afraid to try, she has been told I will be open and disclose the information yet she continues to shrug it off. On that end there’s not much I can do given her attitude, and my wife and I have largely given up on that as it seems to be going no where. What I’m most worried about is this hindering my progression, but more importantly is potentially losing my job and impacting how I feed my family. While I feel bad for her situation I certainly will not let it in any way shape or form impact how my family survives. I hear about USBP agents with relatives that are illegal so I suppose it happens but now I am and more importantly my family (wife and kids) in this predicament. I know not every BI investigator is the same but I would really like to hear from one and get their perspective.

TopHop12, any update with your clearance? I’m in the same predicament right now and of course I’m going to write all the info in regards to her immigration status. Any information would be truly appreciated.