Spouse Has Expunged Record

I am applying for a job requiring a Top Secret clearance. I need to do the SF86 form. My spouse had an arrest last year for child neglect. I had no involvement. The case was dismissed three months later and expunged by court order. The SF86 does not ask for spouse’s criminal history. Do I disclose it anyway in advance to my employer? Or somewhere on the SF86? Will it affect my ability to gain the security clearance? Thanks.

In my opinion, non-issue.

Non issue yes unless you gave moral support in court to her or were a witness. Civil court proceedings need reported. I would speak to it with the investigator or include a blurb it was in support of the spouse. If it is a TS and they do the name trace…it can be discovered. You would rather be in the position of discovery confirming what you reported instead of them coming to you.

Technically there is no requirement to disclose it, However, in order to avoid any appearance or perception that the information could be used to influence or blackmail you, best to disclose as AB advised.