Spouse up for TS and I have an expunged record

Please answer

I’m 30 currently

12 years ago I was arrested for driving on revoked and got it taken care of.

9 years ago I was charged with 2 felonys but one was dropped and the other ended with a conviction as a misdemeanor theft in the state of California.
I have paid off all my fines and 6 years ago was granted an expungement.

My husband is now going for a top secret clearance for overseas. Will my stupid decisions years ago effect my spouse ?

I have not been in ANY trouble since then … not even a single speeding ticket in 9 years

When he submitted the paperwork he was open and honest about my arrest and were not trying to hide anything at all .

I don’t think your stellar life these past 9 years will hurt him. Now, if you were seeking a cleared position…it would likely be weighed heavily. The two clearances I had denied both involved applicants with felonies more than 10 years prior. We had them sit for polygraphs so they may still have tried telling lies.

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Nope. Even if your husband had those issues himself he’d probably ok, but as it is unless things have changed drastically since I left the field 6 months ago BI’s don’t check applicants’ spouses’ criminal records.


Even if the position he is applying for requires me to move with him overseas? With the state department

Your spouse is getting the clearance, not you. Some particularly sensitive positions might go that deep, but 99% of positions won’t.

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I had a case of a government employee on a sensitive compound, she was a fed civ. Her husband who lived on the compound with her had a 10 year old felony for drugs within x feet of a school. We tried, we could not get him cleared as he could not get through Poly. Did he lie? Maybe. Maybe not. But when he was denied, I made sure to report this to the government security office. This in turn generated a re-investigation of the fedciv. I felt I was duty bound to report that and the security office agreed. Its none of my business how that played out though. Be upfront, speak to the investigator about it. If they feel it is worth capturing, they capture. If they tell you not a concern…I would take notes and create an MFR for your records. You brought it up, they said not an issue. CYA.


Thank you! We have no issue answering any and all questions they may have or poly if necessary.

We hope that since it ended in a misdemeanor pretty theft (retail) no violence conviction and later expunged that it should not be an issue. My husband is military so I don’t know if that makes a difference

Thank you so much again for the reply’s and advice! We are so nervous and just ready to start this journey in life