Will my felony affect my spouses pending TS clearance?

My spouse is up a contracting job that requires a TS/Q5 clearance. I have a felony for grand larceny from 6 years ago. In addition, Prior to this marriage, I was married to someone who has since been in trouble with the law quite a bit and is currently being wanted. This relationship ended over 15 years ago and I don’t have any contact with them but will this also be a factor? Will they run a background on me and find this out?

No… you are not being investigated. Now if you were incarcerated still, it would be an issue to discuss but should not affect your spouse.


Your spouse is fine. Had several employees with confined spouses and adult kids. No worries. The more distance between the old you and who you are now, the better, should any questions arise.

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My spouse is in preliminary stages of accepting the job and has not yet filled out the form for the investigation as it has not come up yet. When it does, should they disclose in the form my prior conviction or notify the investigator if it?

Many argue only directly answer questions in a literal sense. I understand that. In the in person interview where there is give and take…I would bring it up. This way it was spoken too and the BI person does what they want with this info. If they feel it is relevant based on other answers given…it can be included. If they see zero connection to any aspect of the spouse…they leave it.

The only possible tie in I see is in the questions regarding who your wife associates with. Normally focused on supremacist organizations or those advocating violence to overthrow the US. But that is likely not applicable to your case. Likely. But not impossible. So “it depends” may be the best answer.

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This is spot on. Bring it up in the interview to be transparent. Then the investigator will decide what to do with the info.

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Only spouse is being investigated. However, I recommend she bring it up in the interview portion. As I mentioned previous it comes into play if one sympathizes with violent supremacy groups. Im assuming the grand larceny was not related to them. Your background, other than full name, marriage date, immigration status isn’t asked for within the form.

Again, have her discuss with BI person. Otherwise no place on form to address behavior of your ex spouse.

So they should also bring my ex up in the interview in addition to my charge?

No, your wife can speak to it in the wrap up portion of “is there anything you’d like to bring up, have any questions?, etc” She can bring up, let investigator scribble and say “thanks”.