I had a misdemeanor that was dismissed will that come up on my fiancé top secret clearance

My fiancé is has to reapply for his top clearance. We been together 2 years. I had a misdemeanor misrepresentation with bet that was dismissed. Should I disclose that info will it come up?

Your partner should be fine. The form doesn’t even ask about criminal activities of partners, so they are obviously not hugely interested.

In the course of the investigation, it is likely that they will look into your record, but there are several factors which limit the impact of your misdemeanor. For one, they are interested in the trustworthiness of the candidate, not their partner. So unless your misdemeanor had to do with illegal foreign activities, I doubt they would care. Also, the crime was both low (misdemeanor) and dismissed. And finally, it has been mitigated by time, indicating that your partner had nothing to do with the activity.

Really? They look into a fiancee’s record? Did the fiancee sign a release that gives the government permission to do that?

No . . . they will not run a background check on a spouse or fiancée so far as I have ever seen. The only way anything would come up (and this will not apply to your case) is if you were living together and your criminal activity resulted in police action at the home.

Ed, with a particular agency, my husband filled out a paper packet and a waiver to look into his finances and a consent to allow this agency examine other material. Is this unusual?

No . . . That’s normal, how else would they carry out the investigation?

Keep in mind SF 86 reads: Federal agency records checks may be conducted on your [applicant’s] spouse, cohabitant(s), and immediate family members.

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