Clearance when in a relationship with someone


If someone holds a security clearance currently for their current job
and then they get involved with someone that used to be on probation for two misdemeanors…(which happened over 5 years ago)
could that be reason or cause to revoke their security clearance?


No, it would not be an issue unless you could be coerced or blackmailed because of that information. If it has no impact on you whether people know or not then it is not an issue.


Are you positive that it wouldn’t matter no matter what level of the security clearance? If the person with clearance is living with or married to someone with 2 misdemeanor theft convictions but no longer on probation and is doing good, positive things in their life (so not still heading down the “wrong” path and no longer making bad choices).


All that you stated are mitigators for any concerns. Seems you are over-thinking things.