how others affect clearance

Dose the background of your significant other affect your chances of getting clearance. My gf has a drug felony that is over 10 years old.

Impact - yes. Show stopper? Normally, no unless or try to hide your association and/or she is still using illegal drugs to include marijuana.

I am playing with the work impact. If your significant other has completed her court ordered actions, not using illegal drugs (again, to include marijuana), and you can not be blackmailed about her past behavior, her past is a minor issue. If she is your cohabitant, you may want to volunteer the information so you can get the issue out in the open in your case.

Thank you. I just dont want my past (over 10 years ago) to hinder my boyfriend. He is an awesome guy, a hard worker and straight shooter. I am ble├čed that he even looked my direction. I only recently told him. I was afraid O would loose him and I love him with my whole heart. Thanks again for your time!
If i may ask what kind of time frame sre we looking at for the investigation?