Relationship with a Felon

My boyfriend has top secret clearances. We were talking about getting married however i have a felony conviction. How will this affect him

He is the one being investigated, not you, and it most likely it would not affect his eligibility. That being said, some factors that might raise an eyebrow, like was he your boyfriend at the time of the offense, did he know about it, how long ago was it, etc. If time has passed, you have completed all sentencing requirements, and no longer engage in criminal conduct then it should not be an issue.

Context is always important. How long ago was your felony conviction? What was it for? How widely known is the conviction? Was it part of a pattern of ongoing illicit behavior? More info is needed.

It was a year ago. For wire fraud. No it was not a pattern of ongoing behavior. No money was taken. I cooperated through the whole investigation.

No he was not my boyfriend at the time. He did not know about it until recently. Yes I have completed all requirements and I no longer engage in the committed acts. Thank you so much for your assistance.