Fiancé with felony conviction

I currently hold a federal security clearance. I held a secret for 14 years prior to a job chsnge. I am now a contractor for DHS. I want to know if I marry someone with a high class felony, which is their only crime can it cause me to lose my clearance or during reinvestigation (every 5 years) to lose it. They are currently incarcerated for their crime but has an exceptional record while they have been incarcerated and is a model prisoner. Also, does the class of felony or actual crime and conviction matter? Thanks

This is not normally a cause for concern for those with Secret clearances as there is no requirement for you to disclose the information and no checks would be done on the spouse. However, that being said, if you can be influenced or blackmailed by anyone who might know of and disclose the information then of course it would be an issue. At the TS level it could be an issue depending on your agency, the position you are in, and specific reporting requirements established by DHS. Certain things like the type of crime, how long ago, similar recent conduct, and rehabilitation would have to be considered. For TS/SCI access it would definitely be a major issue. I would talk to your security or central adjudication facility POC to get their take on it before you take further steps.

That said, always remember, the BI is being done on you, not youf relative. Everyone has a famkly member who has done bad stuff. Unless you were directly involved in spouse’s crime, u need not be concerned. Moreover, FI not even permitted to ask u details as it is 3rd party info.