Questions about my girlfriend applying to foreign service

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I was wondering if you could help me answer a question.

My girlfriend is going through the process to be a foreign service officer. She is extremely worried about my criminal record being an issue/liability in her gaining her security clearance and acceptance into the foreign service. My criminal record has only misdemeanor charges on it. Mostly for possession of marijuana charges. The most recent (November 2016) was literally thrown out of court and the charges were dropped. The next most recent charge before that i walked into the wrong house after one night at the bar and passed out on the wrong couch and got charged with burglary 4th degree, that was almost 3 years ago before i even met my current girlfriend. Every charge on my record is a misdemeanor. Im not a bad guy, I love my country, have a masters degree, a successful career of 4 years now, no debt, and was an Eagle Scout growing up. Me and my girlfriend do not live together and are not married. And i even quit smoking weed.

So would i prohibit her from seeking the career or her dreams? Im head over heels for this girl and just want to make sure im not screwing anything up for her.

Please help. Thank you.