Yet Another Suitability Question

Hi everyone,

New user here and have not gone through the process. I’m looking into the FSO and was wondering if I should bother to apply at all. Let me list my concerns.

  1. Smoked marijuana one time about 4 years ago. In the past 15 years or so probably 5 times total. 4 years ago was the last use.

  2. Used a hallucinogenic twice about 10 years ago, haven’t since.

  3. Was with two sex workers where sex was involve last year.

Besides those incidents which are only known to the parties involved, I can’t think of anything else.

Should I even bother applying?

I looked at the DOD website and it seemed to be hit or miss, some people were accepted with far worse(imo) and others rejected. Thanks for the help.

What is FSO? Foreign Service Officer?

Don’t worry about 1 and 2. 3 could be tricky. However I’m not sure what question on the SF-86 this would line up with. If you are talking about the foreign service, it will be a while before you fill out any forms, so the passage of time may help to mitigate any concerns.

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Concur with Squirrel. (I think he means Facility Security Officer) Number 3 is of increasing concern as of late. Secret Service and others cavorting with foreign prostitutes has come up several times. It is far too easy to fall into a honey trap and have compromising pictures and or movies regarding sex. One can be blackmailed if these are not reported, but if you are open to the investigator ( a plus) and certainly to poly, you have taken a huge step towards mitigation. Anyone attempting to endanger your clearance can be told “go ahead, here is my FSO name and number. I’ve fully disclosed this info.” Anything of an intimate or personal nature can be used as leverage against humans. Illicit affairs, etc. Moving forward, regardless of temptation, I would refrain from the practice if you intend to get and remain cleared. 10 years for the hallucinogenic and 4 on MJ is a pretty good amount of mitigation time. If finances are a 650 or higher I think you are mostly okay. A 700 plus is better.

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