Questions regarding a secret clearance


Hello I submitted sf86 for security investigation. I have received a suitability in the past with my current employment only needed to do an sf85. I am wondering how much certain situations would effect a clearance. 5 years ago my ex and I got into some financial problems. More so being uneducated and difficulty with relationshipsmd finances, we have a charge off car repo reported on our credit. I also ran into other financial issues collects I have been able to satisfy along with satisfying delinquent student loan. I am no longer with this person and since have been successful establishing my credit in other ways. And currently up to date with my debt aside from the repo. Can this hurt my chances of obtains a security clearance for secret? Another question is …can your spouses old criminal background effect an ability to obtain a secret clearance? What do they look at when it comes to spouse and immediate family? Thank you


Past delinquencies can be mitigated if you have resolved them and have no current pattern of financial irresponsibility. The repossession, because it is still outstanding, can be a concern because you have not made a god faith effort to resolve it. For a secret level clearance a spouses’ past criminal offenses are not considered, however, if the criminal conduct still occurs, e.g., illegal drug use, then your choice to associate yourself is cause for concern about your judgment.