Secret clearance renewal

I have had a car repo in 2010 and disputed it with no success and recently came to an agreement with the agency handling the account. I made an upfront payment of 4k and have documentation stating our agreement to make monthly payments. My divorce was happening at the time and during the same period I had a number of accounts that either were my wifes or mine that fell into collections. All of which I paid off in full. The only issue was the repo. In 2010 I was arrested for Criminal trespass 2nd degree I plead guilty and obeyed the stay away order given to me. In 2014 I was again charged with criminal trespassing 2nd degree and am obeying a stay away order. Neither arrest was drug or alcohol related or violent in nature.

have my SF86 all filled out and I have listed everything 100%. my S-2 has said there should be no issues keeping my secret clearance. I am just curious if any of the above listed things will keep me from renewing my secret clearance. Ive had a Secret since 1999

Without knowing the details of the criminal trespassing charges, that could be an issue due to the fact that you committed the 2nd offense so recently which creates a pattern of behavior. It appears you have your financial issues under control so that would not be an issue. I would prepare to answer a letter of interrogatory for the trespassing charges just in case.