Can I get a clearance?


I recently applied for the govt and finished my SF86. I have a clean background… but I have had some finacial issues recently and in the past. My issues come from having a job, getting laid off then not having money to pay the bills. I have always ALWAYS paid my bills early never on the due date. I have been evicted from my old apartment and I only got evicted because my job only pays minimum wage so its not even enough money to pay rent, bills, and get food. Im the only one working in my home. I have a title loan on my car that I keep up with and its current and I pay on time each month. Will my past issues bar me from getting a security clearance???

A history of financial problems is a concern. An eviction because you could not pay the rent is a concern. You did not state whether you disclosed these financial issues on the SF-86, but if you did not then that is a concern. Can you overcome it? Yes, but you have to explain the circumstances and prove you were responsible and living within your means, show that you have taken the initiative to resolve any current delinquencies, and provide assurance that they will not recur in the future.

I have a question. I am going through a background for a job with the DOJ and this was around Feb and it is July and still no word. I have spoke with some one and they said that they are probably verfiying my payments.

I took out a loan around Sept last year when my son was born. My wife was on maternity leave and would not be paid, and we needed some extra help. I fell behind on the loan and it was charged off. I’m trying to make arrangements to pay off the debt and I’m running into some issues. I wanted to ask would this stop me from getting the job?