Illegal In-Laws

I have illegal inlaws that stayed in the US after an expired visa, just to have a better opportunity for their family. What is recommended to put in the SF86 Section 18? I would like to disclose the least amount of information I can, just to avoid any concerns.

Since you will enter their citizenship with another country but residence in the states, you will be required to enter documentation. Since they do not have any, add a comment stating they are undocumented. Assuming you will be interviewed, be as transparent as possible answering all questions. Most likely you will be asked to provide references so all info will need to match up in your interview as well as the testimonies from your references.

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They are not trick questions and they should not be parsed to allow you to limit your answers. If you want to be cleared you need to answer the questions honestly and completely. If you’re not going to do so, don’t bother.

The fact that you want to “disclose the least amount of information” in order to “avoid any concerns” is a problem in itself.

You need to address any concerns in order to clear through the process. Not avoid them.

Does the case agents usually care about illegal immigrants, if there is nothing to be concerned about?

Investigators just have to cover all their bases and thoroughly discuss this regardless of an issue. The reason being OTHER people may find it an issue, or may want to use it against you. It’s very common to see undocumented relatives in my area so don’t worry too much about it.

Yes. It is a concern in and of itself. It must be addressed, to include finding references who are aware of the situation. Attempting to hide, minimize, or avoid disclosure will compound the issue by adding honesty concerns. Answering honestly and completely is your best course.