Immigrant in-laws and eQip

I am submitting the eQip soon and have a father-in law that was deported about 20 years ago. My mother in law is a naturalized citizen and is still married to him. I’ve never supported him or had anything to do with him or his activities. Should I be worried that this may effect my ability to gain a clearance?

Maybe you should just voluntarily withdraw from the application process. Here you are in a situation where you either lie, which goes against the entire integrity of the position you are attempting to assume, or you reveal your association with the fact you are bound by affection to somebody that is here illegaly and you are scared they will be arrested upon revealing this information. Its a tough spot to be in.

You will be asked about your father-in-law, since it’s required to be listed (I am assuming it’s SF86). It becomes obvious very quick when someone is being dishonest. I had a case like that, the applicant had to provide references that could confirm the (illegal) status. Just be aware, there will be follow up. Now, they say that only you are being investigated, not your relatives, but who really knows in nowadays. If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t apply.

Just list him accordingly, that’s not your problem. I have no idea where velcro Tech is coming up with this information from which is extremely inaccurate and just plain rude. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, man, that’s pretty heavy-duty bad advice. You don’t have much to worry about; just get it done, move on and try to stay away from websites like this one… additionally, don’t try to play technicalities… just list him.

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@velcroTech is not wrong. Speaking form experience as an actual investigator.

Which part is inaccurate and plain rude? The OP asked a question and provided relevant details about knowing his illegal status. I never stated that in fact any authorities would act upon this information, I only addressed the worry the OP felt in reveailing the information might lead to deportation.