Dating a dual citizen

If you have a TS/SCI clearance can you date or marry a dual citizen? The person was born in a friendly to the US country, has lived in the US for 18 years and has been a US citizen for 8 years but still holds a citizenship for the country they were born in.

It would not prevent you from SCI access eligibility if otherwise qualified. There are some with SCI access who themselves are dual citizens.

My client mandates reporting of this connection. Particularly if intimate. They wrote tomes on sexual relationships. Even seemingly one or 3 night tryst behavior. I would report to the FSO and make sure it is noted in writing you reported it. Send an email and then follow up.

amberbunny, I read the reporting guidelines today. If a relationship would be started or continued then yes it would have to be reported, if a relationship was not started or continued then there is no need to report it, it does not fall in the guide lines, dual citizenship. Also if a relationship is reported and started or continued there is no approval needed. If she was a foreign national then approval would be needed.

There are contracts and agencies where it would be recommended and proper to report just about any foreign contact. Yours was a vague question so a specific answer isn’t really appropriate.

You asked about dating or marrying a dual citizen when you have a clearance. Marko pointed out that it will not prevent you from obtaining or retaining a clearance but he didn’t say anything about reporting. Amber talked about reporting, which would be required.

Just because something is reportable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it or that it will put your clearance at risk. Often, what puts your clearance at risk is the failure to report it.

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Never harm in reporting these items. There CAN be harm in not reporting them. With my client, for those cleared full scope, we have computer access and handle this on the high side. Simple web based form with particulars. If reporting is not warranted, they take it as FYI only and file it. I lean towards reporting in all cases just for a record. If it turns out she was not a dual citizen…then you are covered.

amberbunny, I think I will report just to be on the safe side. My situation falls into not reporting per the guidelines. I found a flow chart today that walks you thru the reporting requirements and it also says no need to report.

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