Dating while in open investigation

I submitted my SF86 for TS (no poly) a year ago, met with the investigator April, 2023. Still in open investigation. Mother is naturalized and one instance of drug use almost 10 years ago, some medical stuff with anxiety, but nothing crazy or out there relative to what I’ve seen posted here. Still in investigation.

I’ve started using the dating apps and have found that there is a large population of foreign born partners here and some I’ve matched with are from countries like Russia, Cuba, Venezuela. I’ve been out here and there with a few foreign naturals.

My question is at what point do I need to report any of these dates with foreign born people? I’m not cleared yet, still in open investigation. What obligation is there for this? Or for that matter, do I report foreign travel as well while I’m in investigation? Could be years until I get this (if I get it). Can’t put life on hold right?

Maybe get a job that doesn’t require a security clearance as that would make your life easier in the long run if you desire foreign national relationships.

I would not be dating any foreign national while going through, or maintaining a clearance. Depending on the agency (Intel Community) they may ask about your social media presence and dating apps are discussed.

I do not believe you are under any obligation to disclose these contacts at this time, but as a measure of caution I’d reach out to your FSO/recruiter to disclose them.

It’s a pandora’s box that is best not opened, but I guess you’re past that stage.

Good luck.

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Dating someone from those countries (especially Russia) would probably cause issues. I started dating and eventually married a foreign national while holding a clearance (and going through a renewal) with zero problems, although they were from a non hostile-country. Only thing is a lot more things to fill out as well as keeping your security office abreast when you start becoming closer with their friends/family. There is an SF86 supplement form called “Reporting Foreign Nationals”. I’ve filled out quite a few over the years as my language skills improve and start talking to more people whenever we go for visits. As always, being up front and honest is key.