Applied for a TS clearance

i had my interview my record is squeeky clean never had even a parking ticket. during my interview they asked if i had any foreign contacts i did not at the time i have since my a girl online and we talk shes from japan. how do i go about making this known or is this something i am required to report only after having a clearance as i dont know who i would contact to even make this new information kown if i need to do so

any advice or insight would be greatly appeciated

I’d inform the security contact at work. Shouldn’t be an issue if you just met her…

I would contact the FSO that is sponsoring your clearance and inform them you have a new foreign contact you would like to report. Make sure you follow all the guidelines and procedures to continue to talk to her.

Read around here in the forums . . . Yes, I think that you should report this to your FSO. But, you should also consider exactly what your relationship and intentions with this woman are. Are you starting a relationship? What type of site did you meet her on? Are you just talking or are there plans, down the road, to meet.

Understand that it may be considered highly suspect that you started a relationship with a foreign national while your clearance is pending. This may slow your clearance and require additional investigation.

as of now we are friends she was introduced to me by a friend who is stationed in japan as she is a friend of the girl he is dating. i stuck with my gut and contacted my supervisor to ask if i need to report this to my FSO or if he thinks its nothing i need to worry about he told me to keep him informed and if anything changed let him know so he could get me the info of who i needed to contact

as of right now we are friends/ acquaintances at best down the line i dont know but anything that does come up i will report. i assume my supervisor is right in what i should do for the time being as hes the one who sent in my clearance packet or sponsored me to get on i guess?

Document the interaction with your supervisor (e-mail him/her) so there is a paper trail.

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As a rule of thumb, you should always seek counsel/advice from a security clearance professional for anything security-related including this one not your supervisor (unless he is a security professional). The issue here is that it appears that you are having a close and continued relationship with a foreign nation. So, this is reportable. So, report this to your security officer/manager and your background investigator (if you have been contacted). Additionally, document that you talked to your security professional about it.

If you really want to get your TS, you might want to leave the girl alone unless she is really worth it.

The most important action is to report the contact. Email or letter is best, this way you can prove you reported the contact.

Even casual foreign acquaintances, especially when introduced by a friend, need to be reported to your employer if you have a security clearance.