Screwed up and didn't report foreign contact and now...

Years ago, I screwed up and had a brief affair with a woman who was a Japanese national. I did not self-report at the time, and recently renewed my S clearance through eQIP, and did not report this contact in the foreign contacts section.

By not reporting this in my renewal, I’m wondering if this is a whole new category of poop that I stepped in, and whether I should self-report now and admit my mistake, or if I am better off hiding my head in the sand.

"Close and continuing contact . . . " What was your question again?

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define a few years ago.

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It was within the range of time that my renewal should have mentioned it.

My question is whether I can amend my answers in the eQIP, and self-report this mistake in judgement. Does eQIP have an “amendment” process? Your answer seems to suggest the answer is “no”

However, what about the four addenda that Jared Kushner filed after filling out his SF86 after failing to mention foreign contacts. Apparently, he was issued an interim top secret clearance, but it was downgraded to a secret at some point (others are probably far more familiar with the facts in his case)

To the point, that story makes it clear that there is such a thing as an SF86 addendum. I’m just wondering if that is applicable in other, non-billionaire, cases.

If you have lunch and the person is not attractive (to you at least), and you talk about your life, you must report this.

Interesting. One can have sex, no required reporting; but eat lunch, talk about my life…that crosses the line and is reportable? I understand the broad terms of the post, in that a casual one and done, had a great night (or not) and moved on…I may or may not know your name. But lunch and talking life is a larger concern…that strikes me as odd. What if it was one and done for lunch, I may or may not had a good meal?
I recommend reporting any intimate event with a foreign national. Even a one night stand. Let the investigator make a determination. Yes, technically non continuing contact need not be reported…but the degree of intimacy required for sex…and the fact it involved a foreign national does rise to the level of reporting. Were you targeted? Is there a CI concern? Do you make it a habit of casual one and done ? Could you be blackmailed? Does one know for a fact the person was a Japanese citizen, as opposed
to ethnicity only? So I would leave this one as “possibly” requiring reporting even though there was no return ummm…coupling.