Changing reported foreign contacts from previous e-QIPs

Hi all. Apologies for what is probably the umpteenth question on section 19 of the SF-86, but I did a quick search on these forums and didn’t find a clear answer to my particular situation.

So, basically, I was over-cautious and listed some foreign former classmates/coworkers I no longer talk to on a previous SF-86 for a currently ongoing investigation. I have just started e-QIP again for a separate position and am realizing that several of them do not meet “close and/or continuing contact” at all, and that our relationships were likely never close enough to warrant inclusion. My investigator said as much in my subject interview. Classic me.

I want to remove them on this e-QIP to save me and the investigator time, but I am worried about setting off red flags because my forms don’t match. Is a change like this easily explained as “I was overly cautious last time,” or is it viewed with suspicion? Thank you in advance for any advice!

Your previous investigation documents will be compared to the current document. You have a few choices but you will need to address the info provided previously.

You can leave all the prior info as is and when interviewed explain the info should be removed due to no close/continuing contact. Then when your future (10 years from now or whenever) reinvestigation occurs it would be acceptable to completely remove the names. For now, This will flag foreign issues for further review (in person interview).

You can include the foreign national name only and use the drop down additional notes box to explain the interaction no longer meets the close/continuous contact. This will flag foreign issues for further review (in person interview).

You can answer no to foreign contacts since that is currently correct, be flagged then explain in your next interview. This will flag foreign issues due to a previous report and may flag for honesty - both create the situation for further review (in person interview).

If you still have close and or continuing contact with a foreign national you will need to provide the following about that person:

Full name; aka
Their foreign government interactions (ex: employer, military service, politics, public service…)
Their current employer
Their current address
Your contact: first, last, how often, what type
Their knowledge or not of your security clearance
Blackmail or not as result of your interaction

Keep in mind that a passport review will probably trigger. Make sure to have those documents (past and current) available for review.

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This is one of the hardest questions for Subjects at time.

The easiest way to do this is to keep them on your eQip/SF86/SCA but report the end date on the form. If that end date is 7 years and a day from the day you "sign’ your SCA - then you can delete them.

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I had two foreign roommates in college. Both were interviewed at first. Come around 2nd, 3rd, and 4th investigation. It never came up and I pulled my file and it’s not mentioned in my file anywhere as to honestly and never asked about it by any investigators.