Talk Me Down, Please?

Excuse the slightly whiney sounding title. I really feel like I’m getting myself worked up/in a panic over nothing, but who knows–perspective would be fantastic.

Brief background: I am a young, recent graduate who previously held TS as an intern across two summers. Only major issue was underage alcohol consumption (which I stopped) and a fake ID (which I admitted to and got rid of). Towards the end of undergrad, I receive a US government scholarship to study abroad, along with a minor scholarship from a foreign government, a tenuous ally perhaps, but not a major concern in the vein of China/Russia/etc. Year abroad caused clearance to expire, refilled e-QIP in January. I made a number of casual, dumb clerical mistakes, all of which I have corrected on my own and filled in with updates after having realized them to the best of my ability.

My main concern is my previous SF-86, which I do not have a copy of–I deleted it from my files in preparation for my trip abroad out of an abundance of caution, and the USB that I held the backup on was destroyed by serious water damage.

I had a lot of foreign contacts from college, in the sense that they were FB friends and what-have-you or people I’d smile at on campus. I unfriended a lot of them since then, but still maintain a fair number, most of whom are from fairly innocuous countries. I assume this clearance process will involve checking my old SF-86 from 3 years ago, and I’m sure there are a pretty sizable number of foreign nationals in there who I never mention in my new one because I honestly don’t remember half of them if they’re not social media contacts (and I’ll be frank–the threshold for reporting foreign contacts, in my opinion, is far too low, but I still put every. single. one. in there, of course). Will this be viewed maliciously, and is that something I can explain in the in-person interview, or should I proactively send them an email via my recruiter? I’m sure it will take more time–I’m betting on this being a very long process at this point, despite having recently held the same clearance level; neither I nor my references have heard a peep from anyone since I submitted in January–but it’s not, like, damning, right?

First, calm down it’s ok. Most people don’t have them. But if you entered it in the equip system, it will be there once you fill in the new one. I can’t tell if you’ve already done it or not. If you did and it’s not in there, the investigator will ask you to confirm what’s listed and if any additional people exist, then they will ask you. At that time, you can tell them if you have contact with them or not