A Year and No Interview

Hi! I was formerly an undergraduate intern and did, honestly, pretty stellar work as one in roles that required TS/SCI. I received a government scholarship (from the agency I was and will hopefully again be working for) which sent me abroad, so clearance expired. SF-86 round 2, from January of this year, included some dumb clerical errors and unintentional omissions that were my fault, all of which I corrected promptly on my own when I realized them.

It’s been nearly one full year since I submitted my forms; I’ve heard absolutely nothing from anyone. No references contacted, interviews, credit pulls, etc. Am I wrong in thinking that this seems concerning? I still send in regular updates as I move around jobs/underpaid internships. (I’m right out of undergrad–a pretty perverse side effect of this is that the a lot of the places I have applied to outside the IC are familiar with how these agencies work, and seeing my scholarship + internships on my resume, they can piece together that I might just to run as soon as I get my clearance, making it noticeably more difficult to even get callbacks.)

TL;DR It’s been almost 12 full months and nothing has visibly moved on my SF-86. From what I can tell via these forums, this relatively uncommon (correct me if I’m wrong)–anyone ever have a similar delay and end up getting processed pretty quickly after things did start moving? I feel like this is just the prelude to something absurd, where I’ll end up waiting 12 months for a poly and 16 for adjudication. Am I overreacting?

Interviews are not always required . . . No one can tell you what’s going on but nothing that you have outlined is that unusual. A lot of it depends on the agency and the job you are being considered for.

Always take time to make sure that your SF-86 is correct before submitting. “Dumb clerical errors and unintentional omissions” don’t make you look good.