is security not respecting my clearance?

hello all, i tried asking this on reddit and only got somewhat decent replies

I am in the process of getting a job with an IC agency and I already have a DoD TS/SCI. I submitted my SF-86 in mid-October and did the poly and medical mid November. It’s been completely silent since then. I reached out to my hiring manager, and even she said it was odd but that they might respect my TS/SCl and just slap the poly on top of it. (Which from what I read they have to do under reciprocity rules) But she always assures me that I am still processing

If that is the case than why havent I heard anything back as I can’t be in the investigation portion and being in the adjudication portion for 200+ days doesnt make sense. My guess is that they are waiting for me to graduate from college (which i just did) to adjudicate, but that doesnt make sense as they can just write my FJO on the condition I graduate.

Is my hiring manager just lying and waiting until she recieves my transcript and ive already gotten adjudicated, or is security waiting for my transcript/lost my case in the thousands being processed. BTW I totally understand there is a huge backlog and I gotta wait my turn, ive done this before, but surely my case is easy and can add to the completed investigations metrics.

Though I am not a security manager and don’t know the innerworkings of the security office. Can a security manager or hiring manager provide some insight pls! Thanks!

I’m not a manager of any kind but here are some reactions:

First, there’s not much info that leaks out from security during this phase. HR and hiring managers typically dont get any special back channel info.

Second, just because you have a current and active clearance doesn’t mean they aren’t doing some additional work. They could be doing a number of database checks without having an investigator reach out to you. And even today, there are no reciprocity “rules” they end up being more like “guidelines”

Third, there may be something to your suspicion about waiting for the graduation… there have been more than a handful of cases where applicants “misrepresented” their academic background. However, I would think that you would be contacted by someone from HR for the transcript not security. But as I say I’m not a manager in either of those departments :roll_eyes: