Dating Foreign National … Advice needed

My bf is currently working on his security clearance and top secret for advancing to be an intelligence officer.

He is told to broke thing with me since I’m holding Hong Kong citizenship with Chinese nationality. His security manager told him that he can not have close contact and meet foreign national if he want to keep his clearance.

I have been looking thru everything I could found on internet and somehow I see there is case that people successfully keep his security clearance and TS while dating foreign national even for Russian. However those info I found is a few years ago and I’m not sure whether it’s still applicable for now.

My concern is,

  1. Is there anything that we can do to maintain our relationship while able to keep his clearance and TS ? Getting married is excluded from our option since there is too many complex reason.
  2. If unfortunate , breaking up is the only option, Am I still able to keep contact with him or I need to be completely cut off from his life ?

Every advice and suggestion is valuable ! Please help me out ! Many Thanks !

He should be the one researching this, not you. That being said, having a foreign contact is not in and of itself disqualifying. It will certainly extend the investigation process as they will have to look into and factor concerns about you. The key for him is to be totally honest and transparent about the relationship.

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Thank you for your opinion ! @marko.hakamaa!

I believed he is working on it as well… I want to gain as much as knowledge I can for this matter and not just sitting there waiting to be hanged .

As for now, the process does not looks good. His security Manager seems very unlikely to give us “approval”.