Russian girlfriend

Hello, just wondering if you can help me out.

I have been dating a girl for almost two years now and we will both be juniors in college this fall semester. Yesterday I was doing research about the clearance and I came across a New York Times article titled “How to Pass a C.I.A Background Check.” The information in the article came from “deputy director of talent at the CIA,” seems like a legit source. The article said: “Keep your romantic interest American. ‘If you’re in love with a Russian citizen,’ Patrick says [deputy director of talent], ‘we cannot take that risk.’”
My girlfriend, her mother, and brother arrived in the US when she was little. Her and her mother obtained citizenship in 2011, properly following all legal proceedings. However, her and her mother still have dual citizenship and a Russian passport. Her brother served in the military. Her and her mother have US passports. Before obtaining US citizenship, she has never been outside of the country while having legal residency. After obtaining citizenship, she has visited family in Russia for the summer. She has no financial connection with Russia, and the only connections she has is occasional communication with her father via email.
When I apply for an internship at the CIA, and if I make it this far, will my relationship with her affect the security clearance?

Be upfront. Be candid. You DO need report to them the third party connection. While she is a US citizen, and it is her third party contact with her father, that requires mentioning. It isn’t something you want discovered on a Poly. Your girlfriend isn’t Russian. She is a citizen of the US and the gold standard is possession of that US passport. I personally know a Naval member married to a former Russian, now citizen. It will require scoping and will likely slow things down. American citizens are normally asked to give up their dual citizenship to get cleared. However if your girlfriend has no intention of clearing…it can still be adjudicated in your favor. Did her brother serve in the US military?

Over report instead of under report. Particularly for the client you are seeking.

He did serve in the US military. Also, we might plan on living together next summer, could this be impactful?

Personally, I believe if you married this woman it would help more in your favor versus living together. I guess its your call but ethics could play a role if you just live together regarding the adjudicator.