Wife illegal or not?

Secret clearance. I’ve been married 15 years. My wife was Russian, and now a US citizen. We have kids.
My former wife divorced 20 years ago, was from another country. We were not married long. I don’t know if she was legal or not when I married her. For secret clearance, is that marriage even going to be thought about? Are they going to ask anything about it? I know this clearance is 5-7 years back. Still will two foreign marriages be questioned. Any concerns here?

If it is illegal what do plan to do? Divorce her? I would think you would have brought that up during the initial investigation.

Hi Thanks for answering. Let me clarify. Im asking about the my first wife. We were divorced 20 Years ago. My current wife I’ve been married to for 15 years. No problems there.
I was more curious if my first wife/marriage would even be looked at considering it’s 20 years. My concern on my first wife is maybe she was illegal. I haven’t applied for the clearance yet. I just know it is coming up.

They are only interested in former spouses within the last 10 years if not covered in a previous investigation.

You need to list all former spouses and the information you know about them as asked. Definitely clarify that your current spouse is sole US citizen and no longer dual. Dual US/Russian could be an issue. Mother and Father in laws who are Russian or dual US/Russian citizen would cause further triggers as well.

I doesn’t sound like there are any issues in this situation as per the below comments 10 years is the normal scope. If you bring it up then it may bring up additional questions and they will probably look into it. Reporting foreign contacts are important and should be ASAP if you are in close contact or relationship. If it’s not within that 10 year scope or if they bring it up in there investigation then you should be fine. Completely honesty in this situation is always the best method as they will find out certain things and you don’t want it to surprise you later on and have to explain or risk losing the opportunity.