"Open Marriage" and Secret Level clearance

Longtime Secret/TS holder- no SCI or higher.

In 2017 my spouse stated they no longer wanted to have marital relations for the rest of their lives and allowed for an “Open Marriage.” Several months later they rescinded that allowance, but still have ended marital relations. During the period in question I communicated via email to different people (flirted), but no physical contact or meetings occurred. This part must be clear, all that occurred was an exchange of emails and they occurred for a defined amount of time and then voluntarily ended.

I cannot be blackmailed over these email discussions. However I cannot vouch for how my spouse would view being questioned by a third party over this intensely personal issue- in particular when she gave me permission and when she rescinded permission for me to do so.

I do not know how pre-divorce actions or divorce are viewed during the investigation process.

I am happy serving my country at the Secret level and do not intend to maintain a higher level clearance. My marital and family issues exist, but do not cause me stress nor could they affect my judgment.

I have no debt, no alcohol use, no drug use, no criminality and no detrimental information of any kind.

Divorce and alienation of affection is delicate and painful. Divorce happens every day, and is nothing new to the clearance world. Marital counseling need not be divulged and I highly recommend it for numerous reasons. One it can help sort out your feelings and desires. Possibly your spouse develops an interest for no other reason than helping you move forward (the dreaded "I love my spouse but I am not “in love” with my spouse situation). If she cares about you as a person she may very well want to assist in every way. Over time you may feel there is nothing holding you in the relationship and you want to explore the legal ramifications and substantial financial concerns. But I see no real clearance impact as of yet based on what you shared.

As far as concern about having been in contact with potential dating partners, the sexual conduct listed in the guidelines refers to illegal activities and blackmail. Since your spouse had approved and, I assume, you were not talking with any underage people, I don’t think that you should have a problem.

I know, personally, a few cleared people with pretty wild lifestyles . . .

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