Clearance Concerns

Hey guys… I am in the process of getting a security clearance. I have completed the eQIP and just got asked for my interview next week.

I was married to a foreigner and he was abusive and I left him. However, there was quite the drama surrounding me leaving him where we called the police on each other. Long story - this all happened out of the country and I was never convicted of anything. On my divorce papers I stated he was abusive and that is why I am leaving. Will the investigator contact him for his testimony against me? I read somewhere that they will contact him because of how recent it was. How will that process work?

I am also concerned about my finances after the divorce. I had to pay for the entire divorce, refurnish a new place and paid for medical help to cope with the negative effects of an abuser. How will all of this affect my clearance? I am not delinquent and am able to pay my monthly payments but it is a lot of debt…

How in depth is the research done for the lowest level of security?

Thanks in advance!

Im sorry to hear about your situation. Do you know what clearance it is? Public trust or national security?.

It’s national security

well it is one of those things where it is like diapers It depends as long as you answered all the questions they asked truthfully there is no need to mention "I was questioned by the police in Brazil in 2002 when I was married. If they bring it up answer the question but that is it, as long as you were not arrested and failed to mention that.
Will they contact him, hard to say I had been thru 2-3 reinvestigations and my last one wanted to know where my ex wife lived. I had no contact, interactions with her since my divorce in 2001. i told them I did not keep in touch did some checking and charged my time to the charge number for clearance paperwork and said I think she lives in this town here. That was as far as it goes, if you have not stayed in touch I would say I am not sure where he is living and I have had no contact since XXX.

If he says bad things about you they will take into account his credibility, it may just be a box they need to check.

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You did not mention how recent the divorce is or whether your former spouse is living in the US. These all factor in to answer your question. If you are getting a secret clearance then no, an interview with your spouse is not required. If you are getting a top secret and the divorce is within the coverage dates then a former spouse interview would be required. How much credibility would be given to that interview? Only your adjudicator can answer that. As far as your finances, as long as there are no derogatory accounts and you are paying as agreed, you are fine.