Will my secret clearance be revoked if marrying an illegal immigrant

I have an active secret clearance for my job. I have been dating a girl from Colombia going on one year who was seeking asylum in the US and to my knowledge was legal. Fast forward a few months, we are living together and want to get married. I found out recently that she is actually illegal and is in process of asylum. I spoke with an immigration lawyer who basically said if we get married and I petition she would be in a semi legal state until she gets officially approved for citizenship.

Can my secret clearance get revoked for marrying her knowing she is an illegal alien even if we are pursuing legal status for her?


My wife is from Colombia and once faced same question, with one exception when we met she was on a 6 month tourist visa, and we married and then filed for her change of status, I was working in a Contractor status so upon returning from vacation in Florida, I reported filed a form to my FSO and reported and let them know relationship was ongoing before married. I was in that contractor position for another 8 months before looking to relocate and accept another position in a place it would be cheaper to buy a Homeā€¦ this is where the problems started, I did not acquire the new position before moving, and when I went to get verified for clearance it show an open incident, due to reporting and just thinking that 8 months later the incident would be closed, you must follow up with the FSO every 90 days to verify incident close out and it is best not to leave position you are in.