Marriage to foreign spouse notification process

I work for a DoD contractor and have obtained a Secret security clearance in Mar 2020. During my security clearance interview, I disclosed that I was in a gay relationship with a Brazilian for the last several years and that I was pursuing a visa for him and we were going to marry. Then covid happened and the process was severely delayed. He now has his visa and is arriving here the end of August 2021. We plan to get married immediately after his arrival. I know I have to report the marriage to my FSO. My question is what is the process? Do I need to report before we get married or after? Will my clearance get suspended when I report this? I feel everything should be fine since I disclosed this relationship on my SF86 and during the security clearance interview. Just looking for what I can expect when I report this. I’m currently not “out” at work, so also wondering if the FSO is going to send this out everywhere at work or this this kept confidential between me, the FSO and whoever he/she has to notify? My FSO is geographically in a different location.

Why don’t you ask your FSO…?

Request a blank SF-86C form from your FSO if you don’t already have one, fill it out, and return to your FSO.

It’s a simple form with a list of about maybe 20 yes-or-no questions asking if anything has changed regarding criminal record, foreign contacts, marital status, etc. There will be a section at the bottom that allows you to provide details on any question(s) you answered “yes” to.

The SF-86C merely serves as an addendum to your SF-86, which is confidential between you and the investigating agency. Your FSO won’t say anything to your coworkers unless they are an unprofessional d-bag.