Indian good female friend in USA

Hello all! So I am a naturalized citizen (August 2020), and got my secret clearance for the first in February 2021; therefore, I am unsure of how anything works in regards to notifying about any changes.

Cutting to the chase, I was interviewed by background investigator end of December last year, and disclosed all the foreign contacts (only a couple continued). However, I started talking to this girl back in January/February (she is Indian but born and raised in Kenya, and has been living in USA with her parents for around 6 years, I’m guessing on visa I’m not sure). We started talking and we got kind of close and have been talking and FaceTiming almost daily for the past 3 months or so. No one knows about us except for one of mine and her cousins, so it’s definitely not that serious to involve parents. I’m just wondering if that’s something that needs to be notified to the security. I’m extremely new to all this and I didn’t think I need to let security know unless it’s a spouse but I just want to make sure. Am I in trouble? Should I let go of her, because I definitely don’t want to lose my clearance or my job because of her at all.

I would appreciate any guidance and please let me know if any more information is needed.

This is not a big deal and won’t affect your clearance. And she’s not from a high-threat country which poses a security risk (e.g., China, Russia, Iran, etc.). Just reach out to your security office to notify them of your foreign contact. They’ll give you guidance, which I’m guessing will likely be just a “thank you for the info update”.

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From conversations that i have had with friends who are federal employees, contractors with different agencies, and a few military friends, I have learned that different government agencies have different reporting requirements. Some of the contractor companies are being abundantly cautious and have even broadened their reporting requirements. Without knowing your employer’s policies or the requirements of the agency that cleared you, it would really be hard for anyone to give you accurate advice. Your best bet is to ask your security manager for the reporting requirements that apply to you. If you do not know who your security manager is, your supervisor or HR rep should be able to direct you to the correct person. Since it is not a serious relationship yet, this is a good time to ask the security manager for clarification. Good on you.

Exactly. And no need to worry about updating your SF-86/eQIP at this point. See where things stand once you get cleared.

I am already cleared. Got my clearance February 2021.

Hi, thanks for the response! I was just worried since I have been talking and facetiming her daily for the past 3ish months and also we have been sort of in a relationship for that time. No one really knows about us except for a couple people on each end, so it is not exactly a serious relationship. She is a Kenyan citizen, but does not hold a green card either; however, she plans to stay in the USA for her whole life. Not sure if she plans to become an USA citizen, never really talked about that. Would it be troublesome that I have been talking to her daily for the past 3-4 months and being in a relationship, but never let security know about this? I just was not aware I had to let them know until it’s like a marriage kind of thing.

Again, this is no big deal. But for future reference, any relationship with someone who holds foreign citizenship— including dual (U.S./foreign)— which involves affection or obligation would be considered a foreign contact for security clearance purposes. IMO, 3-4 months isn’t all that long a period so just notify your security office and be done with it.

Lastly, if you end marrying her, never mention to her that you considered your job more important than her. :grinning:

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