Foreign contact question

I have a non-US citizen friend who had record long time ago (20 years), way before we even know each other. He started his life over after he got out, settled down, married w/ kids, a completely different person. Can having him as a foreign contact negatively impact my security clearance application? Thanks!

What did he do? Is his relationship with you current?

Just report the contact on your SF86 and the Investigator will ask the questions needed for adjudication. It is YOU they are trying to clear not some guy who went to prison 20 yrs ago.

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It would really depend on a lot of factors that you haven’t listed.

What country is the contact from? Was the trouble there or here? What was the trouble? Yes, they are evaluating you but who you hang around with is part of that evaluation.

It was store robbery. And yes, the relationship is current. I did not know about this when I first met him. when we get a little closer and he opened up to me.

So he still isn’t a citizen and he continues to live in the U.S.? Is he legal? Where was the crime?

The crime is here in US (California I believe). Yes he is legal, but couldn’t obtain citizenship because of the record. He owns home, legitimate business here. His wife and kids are US citizens.

I doubt that his record will even come up but, of course, you have to list him.