Reporting Foreign Contacts After Cleared

Looking for guidance

Received TS back in February this year. Did my SCI indoctrination back in March. Prior to receiving either I started partially cohabitating with my partner (who is a dual citizen with U.S. and Mexico) and his family while still leaving at my own house where I had a lease. Basically went back and forth between the houses. In my pre screening section for SCI I did state that I started cohabitating with my partner included his name and dual citizenship. Also, included his mom was perm. resident and his brother a perm. resident.

However, like an idiot realized months later that I did not put that I gained any new foreign contacts in that same pre screening form even though I clearly listed new foreign contacts. Also, discovered that his sisters (who I hang out with on a daily basis) are not U.S. citizens like I thought but are actually perm. residents as well which I never reported during my pre-screening interview for SCI eligibility. I just told my FSO and program manager via in person but did not fill out any new official documents. Since March my partner and I have our own place as well.

Is him being a dual citizen going to be an issue since we are officially living together now on a lease?
Can I potentially get my clearance or at least my SCI eligibility pulled for mistakenly putting NO down on any new foreign contacts?
Is there an official document that I should be filling out like a new pre-screening form for SCI or an SF86C to properly document my relationship and his family?
Or am I supposed to just wait it out for my re-investigation in 6 years?

Want to make sure my security office is not missing anything that can create problems for me down the road. Was told telling in person was sufficient enough for reporting foreign contacts and to not worry since my clearance was already granted.

You told the FSO, which constitutes reporting it. That was the right thing to do. It is up to the FSO to inform you if any additional notifications are required.

Write down the date you spoke to the FSO somewhere that you can find it again :slight_smile: