Au Pair issue, will it effect my clearance?

I currently have a TS/SCI and I got an Au Pair from South Africa this year. When I asked my security manager what I needed to do, I was simply told to report it as a foreign contact. I did. However, the security manager did not input it into the system at all like I had asked and due to COVID it was months before I found out. It has since been added. Is my clearance in jeopardy, what else must I do/can be done? I am afriad to lose it as it is my livelihood. Thank you in advance.

I seem to recall a story about a former co-worker who did the same thing and didn’t have any problems until they decided to sponsor her for immigration status.

Also make sure you are fully compliant with any taxes and withholding you are required to pay.

As always, cover yourself with an email or similar documentation when self-reporting. Your responsibility is to report, not ensure the organization does their job (unless you are the FSO/SSO).