TS/SCI disapproval affecting ability to gain TS in a non-IC agency?

I was recently informed that I have been disapproved for a TS/SCI with a three-letter agency. While this is devastating enough - been wanting the job for 25+ years - I’m also in the last stages of competing for a non-Intelligence agency position that requires TS AND currently work with a Secret. Does anyone know whether the disapproval means I’m disqualified for the TS? I don’t yet know why I was disapproved, my suspicion is its because I’ve spent a lot of time abroad working in the International Assistance world/living with non-US citizens and this is considered a big risk in the IC community.

If in fact the issue is the time spent abroad (presumably working overseas for extended periods as opposed to short-term trips) and the foreign contacts, I think the issue would be “close and continuing” contacts. Are you still in contact with any of these folks? Any financial interests? Outside of the IC I think those would be the main concerns.

If you disclosed all these factors when you submitted the forms for your current secret clearance then it PROBABLY wont be a factor for an non-IC TS clearance.

My current clearance actually dates back to before going abroad (was in SE Asia for 1.5 yrs), so it has yet to be considered below that TS/SCI Level. I do occasionally chat with a couple of my contacts (UK and Phillipines citizens) to see how they are doing with COVID, but work topics are strictly off-limits on my end. Otherwise, that is an absolute relief to hear, thank you sbusquirrel.