SCI Eligibility - Dual Citizen Spouse

I got a job offer for a company willing to sponsor me to a TS/SCI. They took my SSN and ran a quick check and said everything should be fine.

After googling around, I’m paranoid that I’d accept the job and not be SCI eligible and be laid off quickly. I have a stable job, and don’t want to jeopardize it for a high risk job.

I was successfully adjudicated to a TS a couple years back (currently at an S), never had an SCI. All the following was listed on my investigation for a TS:
-I came to the states 30+ years ago from Russia with my family. None of the family on my side has any ties to Russia or dual citizenship.
-My wife is dual citizen with Russia (but is willing to give it up). So is her mom (who lives here), but her dad still lives in Russia. He comes to visit yearly, but otherwise we don’t have contact with him.
-Our child is a US citizen only (not dual)
-I’ve been to Russia with my wife 2x in the last 10 years to visit her dad/her grandma.

No other “red flags” in my background.

I know I can get a TS again, but I’m looking for a risk assessment on my eligibility for an SCI? (I realize no one can give me an exact answer, it would depend on the investigator)

Hi, there are no guarantees with this type of things. Many many people leave their stable jobs without being fully cleared and end up unemployed. This risk must be carefully calculated.

No one on this board can give you 100 percent assurance that you will clear or that the job will still be available after the 2 years it take for the BI to complete.

Hope this helps

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I’m almost in the same situation as you. My wife has been a naturalized citizen from Russia for about 8 years and we have been married for 15. She has no family ties back to Russia and her last visit there was around 2012. I did get a TS/SCI eligible clearance, but I’ve been waiting a year to get SCI access from an Intel agency. I did have some military service overseas that may be prolonging the SCI investigation; however, I’m sure the main reason I’m being scrutinized is because of my wife’s native country.

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@nrc2112 I’m not looking for 100% answer, I was just trying to do a risk assessment. Thanks for the feedback.

@loyo29 Thanks for the info.

I got feedback from the security team at the new place, they said foreign national spouses can cause problems on an initial clearance. For a clearance upgrade, they just add time, but everything should be OK. I’ll take the risk.

Not trying to be the broken record, but have any public trust holders went through this experience? If so, did you have any BI problems with a foreign-born spouse?

My wife has a public trust, I’m a foreign born spouse (per the OP), she had no issues (she was sure they would make her give up her dual citizenship, and she was totally fine with that, but they didn’t even care about that).

But I’m sure each case is different.

I know someone who is active duty USAF with a Korean wife and he kept his TS but lost his access to SCI when they got married.