Naturalized citizen TS/SCI

Hello everybody!
What is my chances to obtain TS SCI poly CI for the FBI contractor (linguist)?
I was born in Russia. I’m 28 y.o. Moved to U.S. 3 years ago (married to US citizen). Currently serving with US Army National Guard. My wife works as contractor with DOJ but she has only a public trust.
Bad thing: in Russia I was working for Russian government in Main Directorate for Drug Control as special agent, had a TS clearance.

Thank you everyone.

I cant say what your chances are but it will take a long time. Do you have any experience doing translations? You’ll need to get a job offer before they even think about putting you in for the clearance.

Just out of curiosity, how long did it take to get a TS clearance in Russia?


It depends, from couple months to 1-2 years but polygraph is always required. The same as here I guess, every case is different.

I talked to recruiter, he said that no experience is fine because most of your time you just translate video or papers material. And it is part-time job.

Hey if you are talking to a recruiter and getting some positive feedback that’s a plus.

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@Sergei I went through the whole process with your agency for a Linguist role. If I were you, I would worry first about passing all the tests before thinking about BI part. Good luck!


Thank you! I’ve read your posts, very helpful.
Do you have family who lives abroad?
I have my parents and sisters who still live in Russia. I wonder if I’m eligible for TS SCI.

Hi Sergei,
I’m sure having relatives abroad does not disqualify you from getting a clearance, it will probably take longer though. I don’t have any relatives living abroad. I did have extensive foreign travel that I thought would slow down my BI significantly, it didn’t. Let me know if you have any questions and learn from my mistakes if you went over my posts :).

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